The Simplicity of VROOM

Simplicity and Ease of Use = Less time on the phone!

VROOM is a simple, solid, and scalable publishing platform that takes much of the time and hassle out of building websites. VROOM provides all the tools you need to build a site in hours, not days.

Is VROOM for you?

VROOM is right for you if:

  • You want a simple, easy-to-use CMS
  • You want a website quickly (a VROOM site can be created in an hour or two)
  • You want a solution built on a solid, widely-used framework
  • You want Twitter Bootstrap-enabled responsive capabilities built into your CMS

Built-in Modules

  • Blog
  • Events
  • Online Store / Shopping Cart / E-commerce
  • User Management, including Users Groups
  • Community Forum and Wiki Pages

Product Editing

In-place Content Editing

  • In-place editing of block content
  • Multiple editable content blocks per page
  • Easy insertion of uploaded images and files
  • Markdown support

In-place Editing

VROOM lets you edit multiple regions 'in-place' so that you don't have to keep clicking over to an administration page to edit content. It's so easy you can even insert images and files in place as you build your page.

Publishing Engine

  • Full version control for pages (undo mistakes, etc.)
  • Nested pages with up to 4 levels
  • Drag and drop pages into the desired navigation order
  • Automatic navigation menu generation

Page Hierarchy

Real-time Visitor Tracking

Visitor Tracking

Watch your visitors come to your site and follow what they do in real-time. Get an overview on your visitations over the last few months and find out who is returning to your site. You can also view an updated list of your most popular pages, blog posts, and products.