The VROOM Online Shop and E-commerce Module

The online shopping module, often called a "shopping cart" or an "e-commerce" system, is called the "shop" in VROOM, if only for brevity. It allows for a variety of possibilities beyond merely listing products or services for sale through the web. It can be used for listing and tracking reviews and recommendations of a group's member organizations, to use a real world example. In addition, you may wish to only list your products or services online and complete the transactions in your place of business or in some other, more traditional manner.


  • description
  • uses of product descriptions
  • image upload and display
  • prices
  • status, including "display only"

Product Categories

Before you create any products, you should create at least one product category. To create a product category, click on Shop > Categories, then click on Add Category. You may wish to do some planning before you create too many categories, since you'll want to use categories carefully to help organize and keep track of your products.

Product Reviews and Recommendations

Product Images

Each product may have one main image. If you would like to associate additional images with a product, you need to create an image folder with the same name as the product and upload additional images to that folder.

Discount Codes

Shipping Options

Displaying Shop Headlines

Headlines can also be used to output contents of the user's shopping cart. For example, you can show the items in your shopping cart as well as the total. This is useful for sites using the E-Commerce module. The same looped tag rules apply, though in the example below the tags are slightly different. Also in the example below you will see the use of 'conditional statements' to check that there are actually items in the cart first.

{ if headlines:shop:cartitems }
<ul id="cart">
            <a href="{headline:link}">{headline:title}</a><br />
            <small>({headline:quantity}x - {headline:price})</small>

<p>Total: <strong>{headlines:shop:subtotal}</strong></p>
{ else }
<p>Your cart is empty.</p>
{ /if } 

NOTE: Spaces would need to be removed from the conditional tags.

Displaying and Downloading Order Data

Tag Reference

{headlines:MODULE} - Show headlines based on module reference
{headlines:MODULE:category(REFERENCE)} - Shows headlines based on category
{headlines:MODULE:category(REFERENCE):limit(5)} - Shows headlines based on category with a limit
{headlines:shop:cartitems} - Show headlines for shopping cart
{headline:title} - Title of headline (e.g. the blog post)
{headline:link} - Link to the headline article
{headline:date} - Date that headline article was posted
{headline:day} - Day the headline article was posted (DD)
{headline:month} - Month the headline article was posted (MMM)
{headline:year} - Year the headline article was posted (YY)
{headline:body} - Body of the headline article
{headline:excerpt} - Excerpt of the headline article
{headline:comments} - Number of comments the headline article has (for Blog module)
{headline:author} - Full name of the author of the headline article
{headline:author-id} - ID of the author of the headline article
{headline:quantity} - Quantity of item in the cart (for Shop module)
{headline:price} - Price of item in the cart (for Shop module)
{headline:class} - Alternate class of the headline (e.g. even articles get a class of 'alt')

Shop Templates

  • Account (Shop)
  • Browse Products
  • Cancel Purchase
  • Shopping Cart
  • Checkout
  • Create Account (Shop)
  • Successful Donation
  • Featured Products
  • Forgotten Password (Shop)
  • Login (Shop)
  • Orders
  • Pre-login
  • View Product
  • Recommend Product
  • Reset Password (Shop)
  • Review Product
  • Subscriptions
  • Successful Transaction
  • View Order