Event Module

  • TBD: built-in event management vs Google Calendar

Using Events to Display Seasonal Products and Services

First, create an event that has a start date and a stop date.

The following code can be used to display seasonal announcements and availability of products and services. In this case, only the events that are occurring -- that is, their start and stop dates include the current date -- will be listed.


The body of the related event can be entered as follows, including a link containing the URL for the appropriate shopping category or product:

Check out our Fall services by clicking here: <a href="/shop/fall" class="btn btn-success">Fall Services</a>

The above allows for enabling the link to particular shop items that should be displayed only when it's appropriates. In this example, it serves to limit the display of services like leaf collection to autumn.

Tag Reference


{event:fulldate} - Day, Month Nth, YEAR at TIME

// 4-digit year:

// month:

// day of month:

// times:


// set title
{keywords} $event['tags'];

Event Templates

  • View Events
  • Single Event
  • Featured Events
  • Events Search Results