The VROOM Blogging Module

(brief explanation of a blog)

Blog Categories

Before you create any blog posts, you should create at least one blog category. To create a blog category, click on Blog > Categories, then click on Add Category. You may wish to do some planning before you create too many categories, since you'll want to use categories carefully to help organize and keep track of your blog posts.

Blog Content

  • post content
  • excerpt content
  • category
  • tags
  • link to an external blog

NOTE: It is also possible to bypass the VROOM blogging module entirely and instead import the content of an external blog through the use of an RSS feed.

Blog Comments

  • how to handle comments
  • enabling and disabling comments
  • user account creation?

Displaying Blog Headlines within Templates

Headlines are looped tags, so they must be opened and closed with the same tag. For example, in the code below, you will see a template for a home page that shows the most recent blog posts (limited to 5). The headlines are opened with a tag, the repeatable markup is placed inside the loop, and then headlines are closed with a closing version of the same tag; i.e., with a / preceding the tag.


    <div class="repeating">

        <div class="date">
            <span>{headline:day}</span><br />
        <div class="body">

            <h2><a href="{headline:link}">{headline:title}</a></h2>






Blog Templates

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